Francisco Nunes, born in Lisbon in 1978, is a motivational consultant for several real estate companies, pharmaceutical companies, network marketing companies and fitness companies. He is also a mental trainer for senior business positions and highly competitive sportsmen, developing training courses in the area of ​​business communication and promoting meditation retreats and emotional encounters.

He graduated in Marketing Management in 2006 from the Portuguese Institute of Business Administration in Marketing, subsequently holding a Postgraduate Degree in Communication from the Catholic University of Portugal, complemented his path with a course in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) while working in the pharmaceutical industry, and the CAP Training Course for Trainers after. He also attended the Humaniversity School for Master Tourism Program in the Netherlands.

He started his professional activity in the pharmaceutical industry in companies like Menarini, Rhone-Poulanc Rorer, Sanofi-Aventis, Shering Plow where he did his best for 10 years, until a passion for Network Marketing would lead him to embrace a new area in the following decade. It was this passion that led him to reach the highest ranking in Europe at Agel, Monavie and Jeunesse.