Tennis is his greatest passion! A super-complete sport at all levels and that requires maximum dedication to reach the top.

He started playing at the age of 4, at home, on the family tennis court, where he usually saw his father, uncle and friends play just for fun.

The fascination with sport arises at this time and, besides tennis, football was another passion, but only one has prevailed until today.

He became a professional tennis player at the age of 18, at about the same time he joined the Faculty of Medicine in Lisbon.

He reached the 10th place in ITF Juniores in 2003, the 105th ATP Doubles in 2010, the 62nd in the ATP Singles ranking in 2011, proudly recalls its participation in the Davis Cup at Centralito do Jamor, the human warmth and good energy during the final of the Estoril Open 2010 and when he reached the quarter-finals at the Monte Carlo Masters 2011, at the time he was among the 8 best tennis players in the world of clay.

He helped to elevate the name and status of tennis in Portugal. He made the new generation believe it was possible to go beyond everything that had been achieved internationally until then.

He struggles and works daily to be an example of dedication and professionalism in this modality, always maintaining his character, his values, his principles.